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For the love of jewelry!

For the love of jewelry!

I love to accessorize, ever since I was young I have loved shoes, hats, bags, and jewelry. Jewelry was always hard for me because I have an allergy to metal and the only jewelry I could wear was gold. As a teen growing up in the 90’s Gold Jewelry was not grunge and I wanted cool grunge jewelry. So I had to start making my own handmade jewelry out of clay beads that I would paint to look metal. My Granny Brown taught me how to make Paper beads, and again I would hand paint them to look metal. I did eventually find out I could wear nickel free jewelry and that opened up so many possibilities! I create handmade jewelry today out of materials the city of Toronto doesn’t recycle because I know how to transform materials into something aesthetically pleasing, and that is why we love jewelry so much, because it is aesthetically pleasing, it makes us happy, and it usually makes the people around us happy to see the beautiful art we display on ourselves.

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