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My Favourite Pieces

I want to take some time to talk about some of my favourite pieces of handmade jewelry. I make jewelry out of materials that the city of Toronto doesn’t recycle, and that means something to me. I’m Proud and happy to make something beautiful out of something the city of Toronto considers trash. When I first started recycling, my main materials were markers and plastic drinking straws. I was able to get my hands on lots of Markers from my daughter’s school, as well as juice box straws. The city of Toronto recycles juice boxes but not the straws. So I started collecting plastic drinking straws so I could melt them into gems and pendants for my handmade jewelry. My absolute favourite is the Faux Jade Pendant made out of marker lids and painted in a metallic finnish. I kept one for myself. The other 2 are the Large Turquoise teardrop necklace, and the Small Turquoise teardrop necklace. These Greens, Blues, Turquoise, Jade colours are so beautiful and they make me happy. My hope is that they will make you happy too!

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