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Trash to Treasure

I take Garbage and I turn it into treasure.

Many people ask why do you use the word Garbage? Why not say, you recycle or upcycle? Here is the reason why. I make accessories out of Materials the City of Toronto Doesn’t recycle. There are many things that cities don’t recycle and those materials are then specified as Garbage. The thing is that a lot of those Materials can still be made into something, they can still be used. We don’t have to put them in the landfill. It’s true, my handmade accessories are technically recycled products, but for me it’s more about spreading awareness. Clothing with holes and stains isn’t really garbage, you can do a lot with that material, but the City calls it Garbage and tells you to put it in the Garbage. Plastic Drinking Straws aren’t really Garbage, they Can be recycled, most cities won’t but that doesn’t mean they can’t. I take Garbage and I turn it into treasures because there are too many perfectly good materials wasting away in the landfills.

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